Carson-Iceberg wilderness - Ebbetts Pass to Noble Lake overnight


2012-08-10 PCT_EbbettsPassSouth

Trip Report / Field Notes

2012-08-10 CA PCT Ebbetts Pass South On trail circa 7:15... Not bad for 5:30 departure.. Dogs have booties on and Nebo is carrying their food... They had to chase a herd of cows at TH... Good times... Cows with bells no less...

BARELY made it to noble lake campspot by nightfall... Had to haul ass up a pretty good grade...definitely glad i kept the pack weight low. Got here around 8:45. 4.16 miles in 1:33. 1035' total ascent.

Nice campspot, not sure there is good spot for tent tho , may just sleep out. A bit of good firewood here.. Enough for the small fire I've made. It's cool and breezy now, glad I brought UL down inner. Bugs don't seem to b a factor.

Major (epic!?) fail on the backcountry spirits front.... 24oz can of Budweiser.. Oofa... Still, doesn't taste bad about now. Need to plastic bottle Homebrew again stat!

Sporting the GoLite pack, phantom 32, squall, and ridge rest 3/4... Down inner, and marmot essence .. Left the fishing gear at home, but brought the big ass DSLR.. Pack felt pretty light w/ 1 liter of water and some food (mostly cheese really)..

2012-08-11 up circa 6... Can finally get a good view of my spot... Perfect. Many incredible shooting stars last night... I think this trip falls in the middle of a meteor shower acutally... They must be bad tho... B/c Toast barked every time he saw one... Since I had the 2 bear deterrents with me, I slept out and didn't bear bag the food .. And I have no bear maulings to report.

I think I still have 7 of 8 dog booties...and good idea of the rough location of the final one.

yeah.. no.. never found that last dog bootie.. oh well... that experiment was a minor success none the less...

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