Emigrant Wilderness - Leavitt Lake to Emigrant Lakes overnight


2012-06-01 LeavittEmigrant_CA

Trip Report / Field Notes

2012-06-01 Leavitt to Emigrant

7:30pm? Arrived at Leavitt Lake... Unlike last venture here, we have the entire place to ourselves... The 4x road coming in was an adventure as always... And had to fjord a fairly deep section with the taco right where the lake empties into he creek... Hopefully that is no higher for the trip out...we happened on a pretty great campspot (can't really go wrong here tho)... Which had some split firewood waiting for us... Including some cedar which was a treat... It didn't appear that we were the first ones here for the season (marines may have been up here training from nearby base?.. And/Or others...). So we enjoyed a good fire and some Homebrew and a rather warm night in the Fly Creek sans rainfly... I took many night photos... Pretty big moon... mostly still frozen lake...

6amish Up n atom... It really must have been fairly warm last night (I was plenty warm in 32degree phantom), for a lot of the lake ice is gone... Didn't expect that ... After some Via, bagels, and a fairly thorough reorganization of my tackle box, we hit trail at 9am.

9am trail...
We were camped (purposely) a few hundred meters from the trail (PCT I guess?) so getting onto it was ez.. Climbed a little over a thousand feet to get out of this basin and over to next... Great views everywhere. No sign of any other humans... Sunny. Warm. Ideal. Well, except for a fair bit of snow covering some sections of trail... This was the only drawback for the entire hike, as it provided for some hairy scrambling... And caused us to 'bushwhack' a bit...which is usually not much fun... The trail itself is wide and easy to follow... Perfect really..I imagine hiking the pct would b a whole lot of wut we did today up a long way... Down a long way... Repeat... Anyway.. We managed to make it to the second pass (and last planned one).. Where we again took in some epic vistas... Pretty sure we could see south... Down Yosemite way..which looked a bit smoggy actually? Is that possible? If so, I am all for banning most motor vehicles there... The plan was to descend from this point to one of the emigrant lakes, either high, or meadow....but.. Toast as hurting pretty bad, and we were pretty exhausted, so we decided to double back to look for camp to shave some miles off the egress on Sunday...and we did just that... Heading back down to the saddle between the 2 ranges...

Found another great spot near a spring, plenty of down wood, great views, and some shelter from the wind..dogs are hupped...and now covered in sap from crashing hard. We had a brief kip b4 making camp and som food... Then the homebrew made another visit... Which always tastes sublime in the bc... (rye on this trip)....started a fire fairly early 5:30ish? Bc we expect to crash soon after sunset...

9pm sun is down, and so r we. Pretty great sunset as expected. Hopefully the dogs r in better shape tomorrow morning... This terrain is really tough on their feet... Should only have like 3.5 miles left.. Up, over, and down some snow banks to the taco...

7am packed and bak on trail
9am back to truck

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