Sonora Pass area - Leavitt and Koenig Lakes and St Mary's Pass
08-05 and 06-2011


2011-08-06 LeavittLakeCamping_StMarysPassHike

Trip Report / Field Notes

2011-08-05 Sonora Leavitt Lake

Burly 4wd Rd up to leavitt lake.. Shocked to find 6-8 or more camps already set up... Great spot tho. We arrived just b4 dusk (?8ish) after a few potential campsite check stops.. Brought the kingdom 4 and had it up in 10 min at most... Fire started 10 minutes later. B/c of the 'crowds' we set up a bit away from the lake... Great spot tho...

Ground turkey steamboats over the fire for dinner... REALLY good.. Key is plenty of juices and to NOT overcook them... Want to try seafood steamboats at some point. And possibly make traditional ones, freeze em, and try thawed and then cooked...

Now 11:40pm and there is another vehicle navigating this road... I don't think I'd do it in the dark.. One of the most technical off road (almost crawling in spots) 4by experiences I've had.. 2 decent stream xings, and some VERY uneven terrain.. Tho 70% of the road was fairly ez.. Approx 35 min to get to lake from 108. The taco handled everything in stride tho, as did the dogs.... I THINK there is a side trek / trail that accesses the pct from here.. Hope to have at that in the AM.

Would love a higher res scan of emigrant wilderness maplet map.

2011-08-06 Leavitt Lake, Koenig Lake, St Mary's Pass

Up at 6 w/ dogs... Took camera (and tripod) over to the lake for some pics... Found a trail.. Which looks like it goes up to (smaller) Koenig lake. And map also confirms a short side trail to access pct.

After Allison awoke, and we broke camp, we hiked maybe a mile over to Koenig lake... Where the dogs frolicked and swam... And we just absorbed the view... A few nice campsite options here (c pics) would like to return pack into one of em...

Did 3.5 mile hike up (to? Past?) st marys pass, the TH for which, was just a little west of Sonora pass on 108. Not sure wen we started (c track), but we ended at 2:30. Great high Sierra vistas, wildflowers, and springs... Still some snow fields... Tired dogs. Post hike beer good... Hit the Walker BBQ on way back.. Not cheap, but pretty good post hike fodder...


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