Round and Dardanelles Lakes - El Dorado National Forest
06-17 to 19-2011


2011-06-17-19 RoundDardanellesLakes

Trip Report / Field Notes

2011-06-17 - Friday - TRT hike

6:00pm?ish leave abode

7:15 on trail -Lake Valley Trail from near the end of South Upper Truckee road.

9:30pm - camp. Hiked 3.1 miles according to MotionX, even though the Harrison map sed 2.8 to junction, we didn't make it there by nightfall. Made camp sort of on the end of a ridge, - jambalaya for dinner..2 lbs may have ben a bit much for the 2 of us.. but the dogs don't seem to mind. rookie mistake.. i forgot the homebrew in the fridge at home.. nearly catastrophic.

2011-06-18 - Saturday

8am - break camp.

~10am Stopped at Round Lake for snack .. B/c of snow and the hard to follow trail, we've decided to double back and make our way to Dardanelles lake. A side trail from near the intersection of the TRT and the Lake Valley trail leads there.

11:45am Arrive at lake

1pm... Lunch at camp.. North side of lake.. Beauty spot ...

5:30pm dinner... More preprepared trail food... Rotini and pinnacle pasta... Both pretty good.. Still wish we had some wine drink boxes or scotch or somethin ... We've been melting snow for water...

GREAT spot... No sign of anyone else... One set of prints in and out on the trail as we came in..

Looks like we will still have plenty of fuel left for breakfast and coffee tomorrow... Was a little concerned since I was using fuel to treat water (bring filter from now on)

7pm Started fire

8:30pm Epic sunset... Took a crapload of pics...

9pm darkness descends upon us... Fire kickin, tho the amount of wood available on this peninsula of sorts is pretty paltry... Can't imagine later in the year trying to find anything!! We must b some of the first to overnight here this season...

9:45pm.. Letting fire dwindle.. Watch sez 47deg..retiring here shortly... This was a good trip for the SD meteor light.. May b one of its last? ..fabric wearing thin in places... May try to repair and keep it in the rotation .. Seems to work decent for 2 peeps n 2 dogs.. BARELY.. no fly or groundcloth brings 'er in at around 4.5 lbs... Cats Meow may've been overkill... Shoulda brought Phantom ...

2011-06-19 - Sunday

6am Well, it got pretty cold last night, perhaps the cats meow was justified.. below freezing for sure as new ice on the lake proves (watch sed 38 at about 7:30 tho .. In a slightly protected spot.

8:30am depart from camp

~11am arrive at truck

total for hike acording to MotionX GPS was only 12.3 miles...

-Misc Notes-

Bug spray next time? Fair amount of mosquitos up here..well, not so bad here, but a lot when we left TH yesterday.

7500' (roughly) seemed to be the magic elevation for snow... below here trail was easy to follow and there was very little snow...

Gear notes
-More paper towels for both packs
-Cliff / energy / candy bars
-Maybe try those cliff shots
-micropur tabs
-Improved first aid
-gum / jolly ranchers
-homemade granola bars
-trail mix
-freezer bag cooking!
-? Proper app/ mobile spreadsheet for gear

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