Gibbs Lake / Kidney Lake - Ansel Adams Wilderness


2011-05-21 GibbsLakeBP

Trip Report / Field Notes

Left truck at 10:15... Was only about 1/4 mile from actual TH... But snow prevented me from gettin there. Left house at 8:15ish... So probly under 2 hours 2 TH.

Hiked to far side of lake, but heard a bear (or at least wut sounded like a bear), so we came bak to the near side to make camp. The Squall's pitch ain't ideal, but it should do.. Terra firma here, barely... Mostly still pretty deep snow. Had to move some rocks, and only managed a small spot. Should be able to sleep ok. Stakes all got rocks on them, and a rock at each corner inside the tent as well.. The wind comes and goes... As does the sun... And the icy snow sprinkles.. Generally rather agreeable condish considering the season and location.

4:20pm... Cracked the homebrew.. Magical and rad....My firepit overlooks the lake and 2 majestic peaks.. Mt Dana, and Mt ???. lake is frozen except for 2 small thaws near the shore.. Dogs have been all over it despite my protests.... They jumped and barked at something a few minutes ago. I took the camera to investigate but found nothing...just boiled some lake water for drinking...Time to feed the dogs.

Toast pinched one 12' from the tent spot AS SOON AS I unrolled the tent.... Perhaps it will keep bears away.....

5pm.. It's more clouds than sun now.... But wen the sun breaks thru it's magnificent! 20oz of home-brew will not b enough....damnit.

I'm estimating a 25 lb pack weight at start... Pack felt GREAT! maiden (overnight) voyage for the Osprey Exos 58.. Other gear notes: snow basket for 2nd trekking pole woulda been handy.. NO basket ... The thing went in the (very handy) lash spot on the Exos... More kudos for that thing.... Should've worn the gaitors... Some snow got into boots on fall-throughs.. Glad i didnt bring the snowshoes tho.. Tho the traction they provide would've been useful on a few steepish icy uphills...Need to rework the chest camera holster thing... Effective, but needs a UL cover against the elements that also holds the camera snug in the case... No tripod... Will see, may've come in handy for sunrise / sunset / self portraits....First BC trip w/ the Brunton aux battery thing... Will use later, as phone is down under 40%. (note: charged the thing like a month ago, still showed full charge on the built in indicator) Used motionX gps on phone to track the hike. (See T-CA-GibbsLake). ...Trying 'Enertia Trail Foods pre-prepared Chipotle tortilla soup for first time.. Not sure I've EVER used pre-packaged BP food b4...

Turning on the BeeGees now... It IS Gibbs lake after all....

5:22pm watch sez it's 52 degrees in partial sun... Not sure I believe that, as I am wearing all my layers, including montbell down inner...also... On a sad note.. Just poured last cup of homebrew..

5:47pm. Started the fire and put on dicks picks IV...

6:19pm .. Homebrew gone... Darkstar raging... Watch sez 45 degrees... 18% phone battery left..small fire is perfect... Hooked up The brunton charger..Music still playing thru phone speaker tho...

7pm.. Hung the bear bag... Well, threw the rope anyway... Now prepping said dinner... Attempting boil for 2nd time as Toast spilled the water the first time... Dick.

7:12 phone up to 42%... still listening to music...

8:05pm 64%.. (music has been off for last 45 min) dinner was pretty good.. A bit too salty tho.. Wind has really kicked up.. makes for smokey fire. No real sunset to speak of. Probably turning in soon even tho it is still light out.

8:30pm 72%. in the tent.. A bit crowded w/ 2 dogs.. thermarest was deflated wen I got in... I am worried...wish I had a taughter pitch w/ this wind...first BC night w/ the kelty light year 0 degree... Comfy so far...

9:30pm phone up to 92%... disconnected it

2011-05-22 5am dogs r up... Let em out... The wind died to almost nothing in the middle of the night.. Kelty bag was almost too warm (I think that's the first time that's ever happened to me... Comfy. Neo-air! = Awesome!

5:30 am I'm up.. Snow is super hard... Difficult to dislodge some for coffee.. Toasts barks echo thru this valley quite nicely.. Bear bag was effective, not my best ever though. And phone (which was off overnight) now shows 96%, and the bruntun still shows 4 LEDs, Indicating near full Charge still... Watch sez 28 deg.

6am first sun rays filtering thu the trees to my site. Not a cloud in the sky.

7:30am camp completely torn down, pack is packed.. Still no clouds. Need to refine the rehydration process for my dried eggs... Sorta crunchy...

7:45am Hike out.. stopped up on a ridge to take in last views of Gibbs lake and surrounding mountains, and ALSO Mono lake.. ..Epic..

9am back to truck.

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It's short.. It's sweet.. it's probably largely snow covered and there's a good chance i will see some precipitation... Bring It!!! Not much information on the web for this hike... seems to be a somewhat popular fishing destination, presumable stocked w/ trout... Hope to be able to get to the end of Horse Meadows Road for the trailhead.. but if the conditions are such that i cannot... i can handle an extra mile or so of snow covered road hiking.

Crude Google Map of the Hike

here's a REALLY CRUDE approximation of an elevation profile for the hike...