Cranberry Creek 8-15-2008

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Hike Overview

In the Cranberry Backcountry, this 18.9 mile circuit hike traverses a ridge of old growth forest, and follows the banks of Cranberry River.

UTM Coords and Directions

Friday Night Camp - Meeting Point 17S 0563010 4226418

Links / Maps

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The following 4 jpgs can be combined into one 2x2 overview map of the trail.
Note: Some drawn in trails may not be accurate. I will try to repost
this map once I have GPS tracked the actual trails.
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4

Hiking Upward's site devoted to this hike

MidAtlanticHike's site devoted to this hike

Nice pdf map of the trail


Directions from Trail Head to cache (see maps for corosponding waypoints)
Start at CRN001 and travel west on 39

Waypoint- UTM/UPS Coords
CRN-03 -- 17S 0562532 4226618 -- Right/North on FR 232 (Dogway Fork should evntually be on right)
CRN-04 -- 17S 0554901 4232539 -- Right/North on FR 78 (Cross Dogway)
CRN-05 -- 17S 0554145 4234524 -- Right/NE on FR 76
CRN-06 -- 17S 0556153 4234614 -- Arrive at Cache (CRN-0B should be a camp site)

Route Maps "TH - Cache"
Overview of "TH - Cache" drive