Vermont Long Trail September 8 - 15 2007

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2007 September 8 Saturday

2007 September 9 Sunday

2007 September 10 Monday

2007 September 11 Tuesday

2007 September 12 Wednesday

2007 September 13 Thursday

2007 September 14 Friday

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September 7th through 16th. 97.06 miles; From the top of Mount Mansfield (the highest point in VT at 4393ft) to SR103 near Wallingford. The summit of Mt. Mansfield is about 1.5 miles from the nearest potential Trail head off of Mountain Road in Mt. Mansfield State Park.

While the highest point is 4393ft, the lowest is in Jonesville at the Winooski River crossing at 313ft. The biggest climb is 3683ft from the Winooski river to The Camels Hump which tops out at 4083ft.

The trip should take about 6-7 days. After Jonesville the trail doesn't come within 5 miles of a full featured town, making resupplies and trail town gorge-fests unlikely. That's no problem as it bodes well for a good wilderness experience. A food cache at the 2/3 point is a distinct possiblility.

UTM Coords

Start (northern point): 18T 0673540 4934310
Finish (southern point): 18T 0667630 482055
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Links / Maps

The Green Mountain Club's VT-LT site.
FYI, the GMT created this trail between 1910 and 1930. As you'll learn upon clicking this link, the VT-LT was the inspiration for the AT.

"Tim's" trip log from the VT-LT

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